Email and SMS Marketing that convert

Connect with your target audience

right arrowBased on your business goals

right arrowThrough their preferred channel



To reach your target audience directly, avoiding the noise of mass communication

Ensuring a serious share of your target’s mind and building a relationship with them

Solution: Email Marketing

right arrowNewsletters and promotional emails

right arrowTransactional emails



Elicit a fast reaction from your target audience

Consolidate trust and build customer loyalty

Solution: SMS Marketing

right arrowPromotional campaigns SMS

right arrowContest campaigns SMS

right arrowTransactional SMS

right arrow2-factor-authentication SMS

Combine them for instant results

Combine them for instant results

right arrowEmail conveys more information

right arrowSMS cannot be ignored

Use both, either from the very start or to improve your strategy along the way, based on the performance.

Why choose Conectoo’s Email and SMS automation platform


Organically integrate Email and SMS Marketing campaigns

Based on the campaign’s performance, you can quickly adjust your strategy and add email or SMS to the mix. All in one place.


Drag & Drop Email Design Editor

Anyone can design an email that leads to conversions using this intuitive editor.

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API integration

You can integrate the Conectoo app into your flows and you can access it directly from your website or CRM.

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24/7 technical support

If you need to make complex implementations, such as DKIM signatures or setting up your account for high-volume traffic, your Conectoo technical manager will be right by your side.

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A/B testing

Simultaneously test up to 5 different messages in a single campaign to see which one will generate the most conversions.

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Top delivery rate on the market

You can be sure that your emails will end up in the Inbox, not in the Spam folder.

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Email & SMS Marketing Certificate

GDPR compliance certificate, with EU-based servers

ISO 27001

ISO 9001

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)

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Servers based in Romania

Our servers being in Romania means that your data will be managed in Romania. Therefore, processing will be done according to GDPR requirements, which state that the data cannot leave the European space.

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